Trika Mahasiddha Yoga

The Immortal Matsyendranatha, "Lord of the Fishes" and transmitter of Hatha Yoga


Trika Mahasiddha Yoga is the original form of yoga developed by the 84 Mahasiddhas, the widely revered "Masters of Great Attainment" of India & Tibet.

These great masters worked with the human body and its energies to produce profound yet grounded self-development conferring myriad benefits to one's inner and outer life. They went beyond limitations of sectarian religion and sexism to create a powerful comprehensive body-path that uses the standard bandhas, pranayama, postures and meditations of Hatha Yoga in a synergistic way not seen in modern postural yoga.

Whether you’re looking to cultivate radiant health, mental clarity, a deeper connection to your Heart Essence, or all of the above, Trika Mahasiddha Yoga will take you there.

Instruction is available on an individual basis for those wishing to establish or further themselves on the path  of traditional yoga sadhana.

Please contact me for details.

No yoga experience required.