Functional, personal, sustainable. 

These ideals have defined traditional medicine for thousands of years. They are likewise essential to effectively address the health challenges of today while encouraging the individual and collective well-being of tomorrow. Such a holistic model defines health not by a standard of test results or the absence of pathology, but rather much more broadly through both physical and non-physical aspects of the unfolding process of life unique to each and every one of us. 

Chinese medicine is more than just a complimentary therapy. It helps us to express the full potential of our body's natural wisdom and vitality. This makes it particularly effective in getting to the root of many conditions where our disease-oriented modern health care approach falls short. I specialize in complex diseases and syndromes that supersede typical medical disciplines by working with the unique human being at the center of the maelstrom.

The result: long-lasting change for a life of greater possibility. 

Below you will find more information on specific areas of clinical research that I specialize in.

Signs and Symptoms of Suboptimal Health

• Seasonal allergies

• Chronic pain

• Aversion to heat or cold

• Sinusitis/rhinitis

• General exhaustion

• Headaches/migraines

• Digestive irregularity

• Skin rashes

• Insomnia

• Excessive sweating

• Mouth ulcers

• Dizziness

• Hypertension

• Hearing loss

• Poor Memory

• Anxiety

• Depression

• Menstrual pain

• Reduced libido

• Weight gain

While the occasional appearance of one or more of the above symptoms is nothing to be alarmed about, an increase in frequency and/or severity, especially following the onset of middle age, indicates a compromised energy system struggling to right itself. Though their impact on quality of life may be minimal to moderate, they represent the seeds from which more serious pathologies later develop. Early correction of the energetic imbalances underlying these symptoms through Chinese medicine and lifestyle adjustment can actually postpone or prevent more complex pathologies from developing. This means a healthier, disease-free life for longer.

On the other hand,  if these symptoms simply "disappear" without some type of proactive treatment or major change in life situation, take note! It often means that the body's resources are too weak to maintain the fight and have simply given up. The roots of the pathology have actually penetrated deeper into the interior.

Digestive Disorders

The Stomach and associated digestive organs are responsible for the transformation and assimilation of energies both material and nonmaterial. Their proper function is essential to our long term health as the products of digestion are the literal building blocks of our blood and tissues. An imbalance of the input-output dynamic of digestion creates conditions like a cart carrying an unevenly distributed load. The stress will adversely affect its overall alignment, placing greater demands on the driver to keep it true to course. Together with proper dietary maintenance, toning and cleansing the digestive system, referred to as protecting the Middle in classical parlance, can alleviate any and all symptoms associated with the alimentary canal from bad breath to bowel irregularity and everything in between. 

Autoimmune Disease

Our body's vital energies possess an innate intelligence that allows them to clearly distinguish self from other. If weakened beyond a certain threshold, this discerning recognition may be suspended in a natural attempt to compensate for perceived vulnerability to invasion and infestation. This results in the chronic inflammation, tissue damage and other symptoms characteristic of autoimmune disease. The key to the long-term healing of these conditions lies in recognizing the body's innate wisdom and working with the underlying energy deficiencies that precipitated the hyperactive response; methods that strongly suppress symptoms also suppress the body's own healing response, leading to the strong probability of an eventual reappearance of symptoms. Treatment strategy should be to first harmonize symptoms of hyperactivity and support basic functionality in order to allow the body itself to directly address the root of systemic energetic compromise.

Women's Health

Content under development!

Pediatric Medicine

As most parents can attest to, children are both highly energetic and sensitive individuals. With an energy system largely unencumbered by the cumulative wear and tear of daily life, children are very receptive to the gentle corrective stimulation provided by herbal medicine and acupressure/acupuncture (needle insertion is often not required). My experience has shown that while onset may be volatile, such natural methods can bring most fevers, colds and infections under control very quickly without the potential long-term concerns of antibiotic or steroid use. Chinese medicine is also very well equipped to treat commonly encountered pediatric conditions such as:

• Allergies

• Chronic congestion

• Asthma

• Chromic cough

• Digestive irregularity

• Failure to thrive

• Hyperactivity

• Bedwetting