The Healing Power of Tradition.

The Wandering Cloud


Personalized Consultation and Treatment 

Thorough Holistic Appraisal

To understand our health challenges, we must first understand the dynamic state of our body’s vitality within the ancient Chinese medical paradigm. A thorough diagnosis creates a detailed painting in the mind’s eye not just of your pathology, but of you the individual as a unique process.

Custom Formula Composition

From the small flowers that bloom on its slopes to the stone fabric of the mountain itself, our natural world abounds with effulgent power. The composition of an herbal formula should meld these healing energies of Nature to harmonize your physiology at each stage of treatment.

Acupuncture and Moxa Therapy

Direct stimulation to the energy body with needles, moxa grass, cupping, and acupressure, draws the awareness in, reshapes the channel system and guides the circulation of vital qi. These “outside-in” techniques strengthen internal communication and promote smooth organ function.