Bryan McMahon
Clinician, Scholar, Yogin

From the timeless tranquility of the rock gardens of Kyoto to the lively morning gong-fu practice scene at The Temple of Heaven and the ancient pilgrim trails of India and Tibet, Bryan McMahon has followed in the footsteps of the great healers of old. Through over 15 years of dedicated self-cultivation and study under the guidance of some of Asia's most renowned herbalists, acupuncturists, martial artists and adepts, Bryan has sought the roots of sustainable health and answers to the complex diseases of our times. He has immersed himself in worlds of diverse cultural experience, where these traditions are still a vital part of the fabric of everyday life.

After many years of adventures abroad, Bryan is pleased to now call Portland, OR home. He divides his time between the clinical practice of Chinese medicine at the Center for Natural Medicine and instruction at the NUNM College of Classical Chinese Medicine. As a life-long student of the Dao, Bryan remains devoted to the path of self-discovery as a foundation for conscientious service. He finds continual inspiration in the teachings of orthodox Daoism, Kasmir Saivism and the traditional practice of Trika Mahasiddha Yoga.

• BA, Middlebury College

• Kyoto University, Research Scholar of Classical Chinese Philosophy

• BMSc, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine 

• Apprentice to renowned Chinese medical expert, Dr. Li Xin 

• Graduate of Acupuncture Sans Frontieres Instructor Training with founder, Jacques Pialoux

• Student of Chen Family Taiji lineage holder, Master Chen Yu

• Student of Trika Mahasiddha Yoga Acharya, Dharma Bodhi Saraswati

The Wandering Cloud is your authentic connection to the ancient  healing arts — with the power of direct transmission guiding every needle and shaping every formula.